The NEAT Conference on East Asian Financial Cooperation, co-sponsored by China Foreign Affairs University and Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences was held at Renaissance Shanghai Pudong Hotel on May 26-27, 2006. Feng Guoqin, Executive Vice Mayor of Shanghai, Ambassador Wu Jianmin, NEAT Co-Interim Coordinator and President of the China Foreign Affairs University, and Wang Ronghua, President of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences and Vice Chairman of CPPCC Shanghai Committee were all present at the conference and made important speeches. Thirty-six representatives from 12 East Asian countries (ASEAN plus China, Japan and ROK, Cambodia was absent) attended the meeting.

The Conference was conducted in 3 sessions, namely, Changes in the Backdrop of East Asian Financial Cooperation, Latest Development of East Asian Financial Cooperation and Prospect and Policy Recommendations on Furthering East Asian Financial Cooperation. Participants generally agreed that significant progress has been made in East Asian Financial Cooperation since last year and now the overall situation is favorable for further development in this area. They then put forward some valuable and practical policy recommendations on how to further promote regional financial cooperation. In the end, Amb. Wu Jianmin made an important wrap-up.