The NEAT Conference on East Asian Investment Cooperation, sponsored by China Foreign Affairs Universitywas successfully held in Weihai, Shandong on July 28, 2006.
NEAT Co-Interim Coordinator and President of the China Foreign Affairs University, Ambassador Wu Jianmin, and representatives from 11 East Asian countries (ASEAN plus China, Japan and ROK; Cambodia and Brunei were absent) participated in the meeting. This meeting was conducted in a positive and friendly atmosphere. 

The Conference was conducted in 3 sessions, namely, “Changes in the Investment Environment and Progress of Investment Cooperation in East Asia", “Systemic and Institutional Streamlining in East Asian Investment Cooperation", “Priority Areas of East Asian Investment Cooperation." Participants had fruitful discussions and put forward some valuable and practical policy recommendations on how to further promote regional investment cooperation. In the end, Amb. Wu Jianmin made an important wrap-up.
The Working Group will produce a policy recommendations report based on the outcome of the meeting after soliciting all sides concerned and submit it to the 4th Annual Conference of NEAT for further discussion.