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Network of East Asian Think-tanks (NEAT),

9th Annual Conference and 15th Country Coordinator Meeting


11-12 August 2011, Da Nang City, Vietnam


By Dr. Tirta N. Mursitama

NEAT Country Coordinator for Indonesia

Executive Director

Center for East Asian Cooperation Studies

Universitas Indonesia







Ladies and Gentlemen,

First of all, I would like to begin this address by welcoming all of NEAT Country Coordinators and delegates to the 9th Annual Conference and the 15th Country Coordinator Meeting of NEAT. I also invite all of us to thank to NEAT Vietnam that has prepared and managed these two important occasions seriously. Therefore, we can gather in Da Nang, the one of most rapidly developing cities in Vietnam in the good shape with very warm manner, and full of hospitality provided by the NEAT Vietnam.

In this brief remark, let us pay attention on the results of the 12th ASEAN Plus Three Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Bali, Indonesia 21 July 2011 as basis of our discussion. The Chairman Statement provided review and future direction of APT Cooperation. Therefore, it is very relevant to discuss at least two issues. First, taking stock of what we have been achieved recently. Second, identification of the challenges and direction for the future development of NEAT.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

APT Cooperation has moved significantly in terms of economic cooperation. Meanwhile, we witness that the cooperation in the areas of political security and culture has not been conducted as fast as the economic one.

As we realized that NEAT has progressed rapidly in the context of APT Cooperation. In the Chairman’s Statement of the 12th ASEAN Plus Three Foreign Ministers Meeting in Bali, Indonesia, 21 July 2011, the activities of the 14th NEAT CCM has been acknowledged by APT Foreign Ministers. They also looked forward to today’s NEAT Meeting. The important point is that APT Foreign Ministers encouraged relevant APT sectoral bodies to look into the NEAT’s policy recommendation. This means that relevancy of NEAT working group’s activities and NEAT policy memorandum is high.

Pertaining to APT Cooperation, they stressed the need for further deepening political and security cooperation, as well as strengthening policy coordination and sustaining economic growth in the region. This is based on their evaluation on the implementation of the 2nd Joint Statement on East Asia Cooperation and the APT Cooperation Work Plan (2007-2017). This necessity is based on the view to ensuring peace, security, and stability in the region. I think this is the key point for us if we would like to endorse a deepening political and security cooperation.

In this regard, NEAT can contribute concretely. NEAT could set up the agenda of political security issues, but not limited on, disaster management, maritime cooperation, cyber crime, good governance, human rights and non-traditional security issues.  For Indonesia, APT Cooperation in these areas is consistent with the intention of shaping ASEAN Community in a Global Community of Nations.  NEAT Indonesia encourage NEAT Country Coordinators to consider of conducting working groups in these areas by encouraging joint working groups among NEAT members.

NEAT Country Coordinators and fellow delegates,

We should pay our attention on the initiative of the Republic of Korea to revitalize the East Asia Forum (EAF). The APT Foreign Ministers have adopted Terms of Reference of the East Asia Vision Group (EAVG) II. It is an opportunity to increase the role and contribution of NEAT in the future, particularly in answering the effectiveness of policy recommendation created by NEAT.

With regard to the latest development of East Asia Summit (EAS), Indonesia saw it as opportunity for ASEAN in implementing and maintaining its centrality and leadership position in this regional architecture development. This is also in line with the idea of bringing all the best practice of cooperation and mechanism in ASEAN into the global level. It is the essence of ASEAN beyond 2015.

Last but not least, I would like to appreciate the efforts taken by NEAT Country Coordinators who conducting working groups in the important areas this year. NEAT Indonesia also look forward for possible co-host in conducting working groups in areas such as disaster management, maritime connectivity, good governance and ASEAN beyond 2015 for the next year.

Hoping that our discussions in the 9th Annual Conference and the 15th Country Coordinator Meeting will be fruitful and contributive to APT Cooperation particularly to the welfare of ASEAN and ASEAN Plus Three people.

Thank you very much.