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Enhancement of ASEAN+3 Cooperation and NEAT Operation 

By Phimpha Keomixay

Director of Diplomatic Training Division

Institute of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lao PDR





Mr. Moderator

Distinguished participants

Ladies and gentlemen.


First of all, I would like to convey the greeting from my Director General to all participants.  She is unable to attend this conference due to her busy schedule with the Diplomatic Conference which will be held coming week in Vientiane.


I would like also to take this opportunity to thank the Institute for Foreign Policy and Strategic Studies, Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, Country Coordinator of NEAT Vietnam for giving me an opportunity to participate in this important event and for the warm welcome and hospitalities extended to me during my stay in Danang city.  Indeed, it is a great honor for me to share and exchange views on the enhancement of ASEAN + 3 Cooperation and NEAT operation.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


Becoming a member of ASEAN 14 years ago is an important chapter in the history of Laos as it reflects the implementation of our foreign policy of peace, independence, friendship and cooperation. Throughout the 14 years journey with ASEAN + 3, despite various challenges stemming from the internal and external factors that we encountered or being encountered, such as natural disaster, pandemic, global financial and economic crisis;  Laos has been exerting its utmost efforts to working closely with other ASEAN + 3 member states in implementing cooperative activities, measures and decisions of ASEAN as our capacity permit, to meet the goal of ASEAN community by 2015 in order to make Southeast Asia as well as East Asia a region of peace and prosperity in order to create environment conducive for our people to live in peace and enjoy prosperity.


Asean Community is ASEAN of its home of almost 600 million people and plus three nations.  Despite of political differences, the group maintains solidarity and cohesiveness which enables it to speak with one voice on issues of mutual importance and cooperative relations with external partners.


During the past years, Asean has started implementing the Master Plan on Asean Connectivity, which will enhance physical, institutional and people to people connectivity throughout the organization. Asean has also made considerable progress in its endeavour to establish an Asean community, consisting of three pillars, namely: (1) the Asean Political-security Community, (2)the Asean Economic Community and (3)the Asean Socio-Cultural Community.

  1. The most important achievement of the organization in the realm of political-security cooperation is the maintenance of regional peace stability and security, which has created an environment conducive to development in the region.


2.  The achievements in economic cooperation, in general, made an important contribution to economic development of Asean which experiences one of the highest rates of growth in Asia and those achievements, in particular, have contributed to further strengthening the socio-economic development of the Lao PDR.


The integration of our economy into the ASEAN region as well as the participation in the ASEAN Free Trade Area, and free trade areas with dialogue partners comprising, among others, trade in goods, trade in services, investment and the preparation for the membership in the WTO are the efforts to gradually integrate the economy of Lao PDR into the region which remains a huge challenges for the Lao PDR to ensure that such economic integration can bring considerable benefit to the country.


It calls for our concerted efforts in order to ensure that economic integration brings tangible benefit to Lao PDR.  Therefore, in order to achieve our goals, it is not the only public sectors but also the private sectors; especially businessmen, entrepreneurs as well as Lao people of all ethnic groups will have to play a key role in this endeavor.


It need  to call on concerned agencies and people from all walks of life to work closely together to ensure that the Lao PDR benefit from the participation in the Asean Community that will be established in 2015 as well as the integration of the economy of the Lao PDR into that of the region and the world so as to further contribute to the common cause of maintaining and promoting peace, stability, prosperity and well-being of the peoples of Asean.


3.  The priorities for Asean Social and Cultural cooperation consist of cultural exchanges, person-to-person contact, education, sports, health, social welfare, women and children, youth, disaster management, environment protection, migrant workers and, most importantly, the promotion of people’s participation in the process of Asean Community building so that it can be established in 2015.



*  NEAT Operation:


NEAT of Laos considers to host a NEAT Working Group during time when Lao PDR is being the Chairman of ASEAN ( 2014 or 2015) under the topics:

  1. 1. Enhancement of  the Human Resources Development
  2. 2. Acceleration of Poverty reduction