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The NEAT Philippines, as this year's host, received five (5) working group proposals from the APT member countries. The proposals were presented during the 33rd Country Coordinators Meeting last 20 April 2021 via Cisco Webex. The participants, mostly the country coordinators, were able to give their comments and approval. Below is the summary of the working group proposals:


Proponent Working Group Title Objectives
NEAT China Climate Change and East Asian Sustainable Development

-          To share knowledge and experience on climate change and sustainable development,

-          To conduct joint research on the status quo and future development in the areas related to climate, food security (mainly focusing on agricultural system and production on land) and disaster management particularly, and most importantly, and

-          To pool wisdom to promote East Asian cooperation on climate-induced food security and natural disaster management in the context of the UN 2030 Agenda of Sustainable Development.

NEAT Indonesia ASEAN Plus Three and COVID-19 Pandemic: Countries’ Responses and Regional Cooperation

-          To exchange their knowledge, experiences and views on the issue of COVID-19 responses at national and regional level;

-          To be able to create a mutual learning forum which highlight the experiences of each APT country to deal with the pandemic, as well as assessing the existing regional cooperation;

-          To develop and propose a recommendation to establish a better framework for regional cooperation under APT mechanisms for responding COVID-19 and other pandemics. 

NEAT Japan Towards Improving Supply Chain Connectivity in East Asia

-          To achieve sustainable economic growth through the expansion of trade and investment; and

-          To explore future directions such as strengthening supply chains, digitizing the economy, strengthening connectivity of infrastructure, and promoting regional economic integration

NEAT S. Korea East Asia cooperation and Human Security in the Post Covid-19 Era

-          To review the progress of East Asian socio cultural cooperation

-          To assess each country ’s nee ds for human security cooperation

-          To prioritize hum an security to enhance East Asian cooperation.

-          To seek ways to common policy towards an East Asian community with reference to human security

NEAT Philippines ASEAN Plus Three Cooperation on MSMEs: Accelerating Digital Adoption to Thrive in the New Normal

-          To provide policy recommendations to accelerate the MSMEs digital adoption and enhance its participation to the digital economy to thrive in the New Normal under the ASEAN Plus Three cooperation framework on MSMEs;

-          To provide a venue for knowledge sharing and exchange of best practices on policies and programs on accelerating MSME digitization and enhancing participation in digital economy among APT member countries through the NEAT WG on MSMEs meetings and workshop;

-          To review existing MSME APT regional cooperation initiatives and mechanisms to advance MSME digitization and enhance MSME participation to digital economy;

-          To contribute to Brunei Darussalam’s Priority Economic Deliverables under Digitization through undertaking collaborative research by documenting the status of MSME digitization and their participation in the digital economy.


For experts who may want to join a specific working group, you may contact Ms. Jean Carlos (alternate focal person of the NEAT Philippines Secretariat) through email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..