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Draft Concept Paper of the NEAT Working Group on
Enhancement of Regional Health in East Asia with
Special Reference to the Public Health and Universal Health Coverage
This Working Group aims to clarify the current situation and challenges on issues related to healthcare in East Asia, thereby seeking ways to enhance regional cooperation, with special reference to promotion on a regional basis of public healthcare and the universal health coverage.
In East Asia, as exemplified by the institutionalization of ASEAN+3 (APT) in 1997 and East Asia Summit (EAS) in 2005, regional cooperation and integration have advanced particularly in such areas as economy, finance, education, and disaster prevention, etc. Worthy to note is the burgeoning economic interdependence deriving from the establishment of an intra-regional supply chain in parallel with the rapid economic development. Under the circumstances, the question of how to maintain and promote the health of the people or how to develop cooperation in healthcare appears to be an indispensable agenda for sustainable development in the region, let alone a common issue for humanity at large.
The international society has made efforts for health promotion including improvement of the health condition of pregnant women, prevention of such disease as HIV / AIDS and malaria, etc., as an integral development goal under the framework of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) established in 2000. The issue of healthcare has been on the agenda of the summit meetings among major countries, leading to the establishment of the Global Fund in Geneva to fight diseases. These efforts have resulted in many achievements, such as the significant decreases of such disease as malaria and tuberculosis as well as the fatality rate of pregnant women.
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Network of East Asian Think-Tanks

The Network of East Asian Think-tanks

Officially recognized at the “10+3" summit meeting, Network of East Asian Think-tanks (NEAT) is a mechanism for research and academic exchange, and a platform for the second-track diplomacy in the regional cooperation among “10+3" countries in East Asia. It aims at integrating the research resources in East Asia, promoting the academic exchanges and providing intellectual support for East Asian cooperation. To be more specific, by establishing a network among East Asian think-tanks, governments and enterprises and promoting the interaction of these three circles, it intends to study the key issues related to East Asian cooperation, work out strategic ideas and concrete policy suggestions for the regional integration and submit research reports to the “10+3" summit meeting.
In 2002, East Asian Studies Group (EASG), the second-track in the mechanism of East Asian cooperation, suggested 17 short-term measures to be taken for closer cooperation among East Asian nations, among which was establishing “Network of East Asian Think-tanks" (NEAT) within the framework of “10+3" regional cooperation. The suggestion was adopted at the informal meeting of “10+3"leaders held in Phnom PenhCambodia in September 2002.
The activities of NEAT fall into the following categories: 1) Hold annual conferences of NEAT members to promote exchanges among East Asian think tanks and submit an annual work report to the informal meeting of “10+3" leaders on the basis of the research of the key issues in East Asian integration process; 2) Set up a website of NEAT, bridging the governments with the academic circles, promoting the academic exchanges among scholars about East Asia, and educating the masses in the region; 3) Hold irregular international seminars on East Asian cooperation so as to facilitate the theoretic research on the integration and community building of East Asia and help to shape the theoretic framework, strategies and specific policies conducive to the regional cooperation in East Asia. 4) Cooperate in the research of the key issues in regional cooperation and figure out the solutions.
The founding as well as the first annual conference of NEAT was held in Beijing from September 29 to 30, 2003. There were delegates from the think tanks of all the member states at the conference. The three topics discussed were “Towards East Asian Cooperation", Important Steps Leading to East Asian Cooperation" and “Key Areas in East Asia Cooperation". The conference report was not only published, but also distributed at the “10+3" leaders meeting in 2003.