• 35th NEAT CCM

The NEAT Laos is extending an invitation to the NEAT country coordinators, contact persons, and their delegations to attend the 35th NEAT Country Coordinators Meeting (35th NEAT CCM). Due to the COVID-19 pandemic still existing, the meeting is going to be held through videoconference (Zoom platform) on Wednesday, April 27, 2022, at 08:30-12:00 hrs. (GMT +7, Laos Time).

The CCM will be a good opportunity for NEAT members to liaise, review and exchange ideas about our NEAT activities in 2021 including the current and future activities in 2022. Hence, attendance and contribution at the said meeting would be highly appreciated.

Six (6) NEAT members will present their working group (WG) proposals, namely: NEAT China, NEAT Laos, NEAT Japan, NEAT Korea, NEAT Philippines, and NEAT Vietnam. The results of the WGs will be discussed on the 36th CCM in September 2022. The final output will be presented to Track-1 and APT Summit through a memorandum.