The China Foreign Affairs University (CFAU) successfully hosted the 16th Country Coordinators Meeting of the Network of East Asian Think Tanks (NEAT) on April 12, 2012 in Beijing. A high level seminar was held, with Vice Foreign Minister Fu Ying of the People’s Republic of China (seated sixth from left) as the main speaker. To the right of Vice Minister Fu is Professor Qin Yaqing, Country Coordinator of NEAT China and Executive Vice President of CFAU.


April 11

18:30-20:00          Dinner

April 12

08:30-09:00          Registration

09:00-09:15          Welcome and Opening Remarks

NEAT China

09:15-10:15          High Levele Seminar

Fu Ying

Vice Foreign Minister, PRC

10:15-11:00          Photo-taking and Tea Break

11:00-12:00          Session 1: Confirmation of Minutes/Summary Report of the 15th NEAT CCM

Chair: NEAT China

Speaker: NEAT Viet Nam

12:00-13:30          Lunch

13:30-15:00          Session 2: Discussion of NEAT WG proposals

Chair: NEAT Viet Nam

Speakers: NEAT China

NEAT Japan

NEAT Korea

NEAT Singapore and NEAT Indonesia

15:00-15:15          Tea Break

15:15-16:45          Session 3: Future Development of NEAT

Chair: NEAT China

Discussion on 17th NEAT CCM and 10th Annual Conference: theme and agenda/program

Discussion on NEAT website

Discussion on NEAT future development and ASEAN Plus Three cooperation

Other matters

16:45-17:00          Wrap-up

Speaker: NEAT China

18:00-20:00          Dinner

Hosted by China Foreign Affairs University