11-12 August, 2011


August 11

13:45-14:00          Registration

                                Venue: Tourane Room

14:00-14:30          Confirmation of Minutes ot the 14th NEAT CCM

                                NEAT Viet Nam

14:30-15:30          SESSION 1: Discussion on Draft Memo 8

                                Chair: NEAt Viet Nam

15:30-15:45          Coffee Break

15:45-17:00          SESSION 1: Discussion on Draft Memo 8


18:30-20:00          DINNER

                                Venue: Garden Pool Restaurant

August 12

09:00-0930           Adoption of Memo 8

                                Chair: NEAT Viet Nam

09:30-10:30          SESSION 2: NEAT Operation

                                Chair: NEAT Indonesia

  • Host for the NEAT meetings in the next year

  • Assessment of operational mechanism on NEAT: Contribution to ASEAN+3 and community, WGs, participation, hosting, etc.

  • Orientation of NEAT operation: Topics of discussion/WGs

  • website

10:30-10:45          Coffee/Tea Break

10:45-11:45          SESSION 3: Other Matters

11:45-12:00          Conclusion and Closing

12:00-13:00           LUNCH

                                 Venue: Alamanda Terrace Restaurant

Afternoon               free time/ tour to Hoi An/ departure of delegates

18:00-19:30          Farewell Dinner

                                Venue: Nam Long Restaurant

                                Cua Dai Street, Hoi An City, Viet Nam