The 4th NEAT Country Coordinators Meeting was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,13 Dec.2005
There were 5 sessions
  1. “Confirmation of Draft Notes of the 3rd Country Coordinators' Meeting"
  2. “Report on the State of the Policy Recommendations of the 3rd NEAT Annual Conference to the ASEAN+3 Summit"
  3. “Proposals for the Establishment/ Continuation of Working Groups"
  4. “Proposed Theme, Program and Agenda for 4th NEAT Annual Conference" (Kuala Lumpur, 22-23 August,2006)
  5. “Briefings on the 9th ASEAN Plus Three Summit Meeting"
Coordinators from 12 countries (Cambodia was absent) took part in the meeting.
Proposed Working Group:
  1. NEAT China on “EAST Asian Financial Cooperation".
  2. NEAT China on “EAST Asian Investment Cooperation".
  3. NEAT Japan on “Overall Architecture of Community Building in EAST Asia"
  4. NEAT Japan on “Trade-FDI-Technology in EAST Asia".
  5. NEAT Japan on “Intra-regional Exchange Rate Stability and prevention of Financial Crisis in EAST Asia".
  6. NEAT Korea on “IT Cooperation in EAST Asia ".
  7. NEAT Singapore on “Energy Security Cooperation in EAST Asia".
  8. NEAT Thailand on: “International Conference between NEAT and other Regional Groupings".