High-Level Seminar on China-ASEAN Relations was successfully held in Beijing, Sept 23-24, 2006, by China Foreign Affairs University. It is one of the key events in celebrating the 15th anniversary of China-ASEAN dialog partnership. Participants include government officials and experts from China, 10 ASEAN member countries and ASEAN Secretariat. This Seminar has an opening session, 3 discussion panels and one concluding session. The three topics for discussion are:
  1. Achievements in the Development of China-ASEAN Partnership
  2. Major Issues in Furthering China-ASEAN Partnership
  3. China-ASEAN Partnership: Prospect, Goals and Roadmap
The opening session, chaired by Prof. Qin Yaqing, Executive Vice President of the China Foreign Affairs University, has 4 speakers, including Counselor Tong Xiaoling from the Asian Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, Nopadol Gunavibool, Director General of the Department of ASEAN Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand, Mr. Pushpanathan Sundrum, Principal Director of Bureau for Economic Integration and Finance of the ASEAN Secretariat and Amb. Wu Jianmin, President of the China Foreign AffairsUniversity.
The Seminar was conducted in a practical, friendly atmosphere and concluded on the morning of Sep. 24.